fri-gf meetin & jay concert tkts buyin!

i read more on binucleated pregnancy. looks like 18% life birth. omg..

n today is jay’s tkt sales date, i got é tkts at 10.10am, sales start 10am. n i bought it via mobile! i kinda feel sportshub system r better then sistic, at least in divertin traffic. or mayb he got less fans now. anyway i juz wan 2b there. i hope he got lesser n lesser fans here n he returns 4more indoor concert yearly. i will still buy tkts jus 2listen 2him…

it’s 8nov. i really wish junior will b with us in my tummy n rockin with jay at then. but i can only wish. i m so scare 2go nex week scan. i dun know how 2digest é news. apparently it’s called amc clinic scan…

i read more blogs n j blog over n over again. i muz b strong.

met my 2bff @nite, i din tell them abt é hcg test.. mayb i will tell them aft é whole thg.. i juz told them i went back on thurs n dt thh said no et that day.

é din was nice n i could eat a lot.. esp meat. i had tenderloin, yumzz @medium well.

hm by 10pm, shower n juz dozed off shortly in our room.

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