wakin up late on thur

i m on é train around town stn by 7.38am, not so bad.. but i did wok up late lik at 7am today.. i actually wok @3am++ 2pee n took a while 2go back 2sleep…

n last night, i tested hpt again juz 2b sure, n i decided not 2go 4é health screenin on fri, juz in case they can identify from deptm.


today’s train is quiet, i can jus stand around n watch out of é window.

keep urself buzy 2day, dun think of é whatif. n get food coz i m hungry!

i hav funny twitches in é noon, on right. so worried it might b etopic pregnancy. he said he is not happy at work, got backstabbed. i din know wat happen, feel so bad as i was super tired last few days n din talk 2him too much. i also worry if it also signs é bb nv brg us good luck… i m on my way hm with sm food 2cook din. he can tell me slowly wat happened @hm…

on mrt hm, i saw two shameless men grabbin é reserve n normal seats é moment they get on mrt. dressed in shirt but behave like auntie… pui…

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