1week 2nex kk aptm

i m really feelin panickin, please let there b light @end of é tunnel… dar dar was sayin last night no matter wat happens nex wed we shall not pin high hopes. juz b grateful there is improvem!

opps i m seatin in é mrt n on é reserve seats smore… hohoho. i m goin 2redeem é mcd coffee later n buy a ham egg cheese mcffin or another ala-cart item 4brkfast.

busy morn with deptm meetin, noon minutes writin n town hall!


finally 6pm, it looks threatenin 2rain, i hurried out quickly n m on mrt hm. crowded n no seats @all! i had a good gossip session with H 2day aft boss left.. but all on my mind is wat’s goin 2happen nex wed. is dr tan hh goin 2tell me 2do d&c already coz no heart beat? or i wun even last till nex wed. i m so scared this embryo wun hold…

i dun know how 2tell her i wan 2tak HL for d&c… how 2explain..

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