wakin up to 20apr

1d past bt (14dp4dt), i din really believe anythg till i saw é clearblue digital hpt…


i told my whatsapp fren yest abt é et n bt..  feel bad not keepin them informed, but i really wasn’t ready 2share.

bought 2digital hpt last night, i will test again b4 i go 4scannin, juz 2b prepared.

i m goin 2wak up n cook congee later!

i finished é morn insert, rest for another hour n wok 2start cookin n do laundry. looks like goin 2rain soon, cloudy day…

i napped for a while n finish laundry, porridge for him n was surfin net for leads that i hav 2work on tml when i go back 2work.

i m goin 2check é calendar n let boss know i need 2tak medical leave nex wed. in any case hope i get 2go 2é scan nex wed. u never know.

din @my much craved kimchi restaurant n enjoyed è instant coffee very much! we actually ordered é same thg as last time. i was tellin him we can cum once a mth. totally luv é toufu seafood soup. nex tim i will write no crab n octopus…
as i read more abt ivf bfp i got more scared. looks like a lot of blighted ovum n chemical pregnancy. he says dun think too much juz tak 1step @a time… i really hope 4a healthy bb due in dec. healthy twins will b great too!

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