this mon 21apr

é more i read abt smh é more i fear… i can’t wait 4nex wed 2arrive.

it happened tat bil will b passin by spore as well. even if smthg is not right, we will still hav 2go meet him with all smiles!!

i m on mrt 2work now, looks lik there will b no seats. i kinda left hm earlier so that i wun b rushin at all. i still hav 2walk all é way in2 é ofc. i did imagine of this pregnancy is viable n i feel tired to walk, i will tak cab 2bus stop n tak bus all é way hm. let me continue 2imagine…

é usually white n gray kitty is not at é usual spot 2day… i wonder if it lost track of time coz of é holiday.

finally it’s 6pm, i went hm n walk slowly 2é bus stop… bus then mrt 2bugis, bought my vdl skincare n collected é gifts… he fetch me@bugis n we went 2beach rd 4din, but opps it’s closed 4washin… so we changed locñ n had western food @é lavender cfe shop.. yummy but not fillin.


i hav been tryin 2catch up on é thgs i din stock up durin 2ww, wither coz of flu, sore throat n lack of faith. food lik durians n chicken essence…
at least i got no regrets, watever happens nex wed. btw i applied 4half day leave for 30apr liao…

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