life goes on as any fri!

ivf tears people apart, in a strong way, we can only brave on!

i wok up early, did some ironing, watched hk tv drama… n i m on é mrt now. facial, pedi, n most likely haircut!

i got a call in é morning, my heart skipped a bit, it was more like a confirmation for monday arrangement. be brave, spend é wkend well!

arrived at é salon 5mins early 4my facial, it’s been lik 5m since i last went 4facial! wow, record breakin! we had a good chat, V is preggie n past 3m liao, i m so so happy 4her!! i told her how terrible my ivf results were, n she was sayin smtimes it’s jus not our time yet… é session was ok, not that painful, she was sayin it’s not that clogged…

nex is nails, good skills as always, my last visit was jul2013! initially i tot é colour is not very nice as it makes my nails look very wide, but aft a while, i kinda grew 2luv it! é nail therapist even added 2layer of top coat 2make it look better since this polish was é liquid sand series n meant 2b hav a matte finish. as usual é gers ask me 2renew my package, i said i hardly visit, renew for?? haha.. sweet smile n off i went…


last stop é hair salon where i bought sm member card last June. é guy who shampoo 4me is nice, i ask if he belongs to which category, stylist, senior stylist or director, can he cut é hair 4me.. he ask me which type i m lookin 4, i said senior n he said he is senior.. so qiao meh… anyway i like é way he cut n wash my hair… n he doesn’t talk so much… there was another stylist, poutin baby, keep goin on abt é scalp thing. i feel like tickling him n ask him not too pout! haha…

i went tangs 2check out é sunglasses, let me think about them 4a while. bus 2great world n we warched Noah!


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