cheers 2my kopi c for no embryos for et!

é scary moment sets in when nurse says doc tan wans 2speak 2u b4 et.. indeed dr tan hh told us @é discharge area no embryos made it good enough 2b transferred… only 3 out of é 13 can b used n all din multiply like how it should by day two 4et…

i din tak tcm, n had all injections n stay stress free.. mayb smthg deep within me is wrong, very wrong.

anyway i juz hav 2move on. jus before we left é discharge area dr tan hh followed up n said é lab will follow up 2monitor if é embryos turn 2blastocyst they will call me on fri or sat 2 do embryo transfer if there are any blastocyst. dr thh says sun or mon, but i kinda got a feelin from é nurse that by sat there will be results. n if these are meant 2b our babies, they will fight 2é end and shine even no one puts them in limelight. jus like mummy n daddy! i m already prepared mayb or most likely nothing n nex cycle can fail too…

dr thh did reply that natural conception can happen too even when we are on icsi protocol. nature is always superior.

nex cycle he recommends 2b long n change back 2puregon 250, i guess no need 2add saizen also…

in é meanwhile please pray 4me Mon plans in é west go ahead as planned, and we hav a healthy baby really soon, naturally or with ban or other tcm or last fresh ivf…

we headed 2whampoo 4lunch, n 2é balestia tau sa pia b4 cumin back….


in é evening when we talk about it in é car, i think i m a mutant, tat explains my very negative n prudent way of thinkin. n it seems he is more open 2adoption now, although i know FIL will never agree to it. i m very tired abt this whole saga, i really hope our fighters make it, anyway we gave our best try already!


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