west exploring…

i got a call from é kiv orgñ n made my way 2é west 2take a step help set in stone my nex step. met é very helpful lady again n she also pointed some directions for me 2tak transport…

tour around é west 4a while on é bus, made my way here, did wat i had too, n explored this mega jurong point! this place is really big! i kinda got very tired of tryin 2find shops tat i wan 2visit…

tml morng will b back 2kkivf for et.. please let there be healthy embees 2transfer n a healthy baby in 9mths! he said he wans 2cum with me.. is it coz he worried i will breakdown if there is nothing 2transfer, i hope i wun…

he finally reached around 5.45pm, we headed 2é msai food place.. nice try! it’s called malaysia boleh!

and i saw da gu, so qiao!!


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