er 2nd fresh ivf

i ask é aesthesian more questions this time, n i actually doze off when é procedure started… i kinda woke as i was wheel out n i rem i covered my face with blanket… i think é aesthesian ask if i was ok, n i think i said i look like shit, n sm1 said i look ok…

i already felt more pain n cramp even when i juz wok up… n a bad growin gas feel in é stomach… even when i was about 2discharge, i hav difficulity tryin 2pee.. i had 2request for 1 more glass of water n tried hard 2pee… finally all good n i can go. i actually broke out in cold sweat while listenin 2é discharge instructions. something very unsual… to a very big surprise, i only have 13 eggs n when i return on thur, i dun even need 2do bt for ohss. by é ratio from 1st fresh ivf treatment, i may hav only 1 embryo or none 4trf… sgd11k for 1chance of about 30% possibility of havin a baby, wat an expensive try!! this menopur of fsh is é max dosage i think, not sure wat else can b done. let me ask dr thh on thurs, hope i see him…

dar dar was waitin 4me outside at kkivf. i met J briefly as she was waitin at clinic D, exchange a few greetings n i went off.. i was feelin really giddy n cold sweat all over…

on é way hm, é headhunter called n ask if i was keen on another job from é same institutñ he ask b4, i still share n said open 2lookin at it. till é day i get a good full clearance i wun feel safe with anythg…

back hm, i had sm porridge n fell asleep feelin giddy n also watsappin w/é gers about 2day n W’s et n J’s meetin with our fav ttc doc. é poridge is nit nice, too dry mayb cuz cook 4too long…

é tb orders re-delivery arrived lik 3pm plus, so happy! é plate is nicely set-up already, right @45deg view when our main door opens. even though i think he is goin 2b upset with my nonsense buy again…



E from watsapp group was askin abt settin up online biz, i m happy 2help in anyway n hope she suceed!

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