mon quiet-ing

i went 2zsnn this morn at 9am plus, with pomegranate, grapes n powder… prayin 4my er et success n a healthy bb in 2014. headed 2tpy bought a cafe machiato from KOI this may b my last coffee for a while, i also headed 2supermart 2buy sm stuff 2cook.. 

back hm, i realised é tb delivery was here in é morn, i m hopin é delivery cum back again by 2day. i m finishin é task 1by1, was sweatin lik crazy by é time i finish w/moppi n n vaccum…

cook sm lunch n m lazin @sofa will wash up é dishes n prepare 4dinner… am tryin 2finish é food in freezer, same thing in case i dun wake up tml…

finished é chores n a pleasant surprise called 2pm plus.. though not set in stone till further clearance, i m still happy with wat i heard so far…

lookin 4ward 2er tml! may it give us a healthy bb in 9m!! we muz believe things happen 4a reason…

din was a bit messy, but good try, @least 2myself…


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