last jab on sun

i wok up @8am plus 4è last garnelix jab… ouch ouch but it’s over 4now… 2nite will b bt n trigger @kk 24h clinic. mon will b borin… but i will schedule in sm stuff 2keep myself occupied.. was talkin 2dar dar last night on sis not gettin help on ttc yet etc… one can only help themselves… it’s a long process tat require courage n support from hubz…

i really wish 4success n a healthy bb in 9m. n 2start a ft job tat pays decent n b fulfiling…

we went 2suntec 4din, a very nice korean restaurant called kimchi!! he luv it too! i find é manager very cute! é lady @reception n cashier very cute n nice smile! é so called korean coffee tasted more like 3 in 1 kind… this is my 2nd time.. reasonable servin good value 4money…

bt n injection @kk was easy… nothin like this is considered painful for me… now i shall complete my tasks listed 4tml n hope 4é best on tues morn…

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