fri kk ivf surprise!!

i reached kk ivf @9.55am, n i was in é scannin rm lik 50mins later, karen was on duty today n she said she will take a while 2day 2measure 1 by 1… indeed she took a while n there were quite a number of follicles.. to my surprise…

especially in right ovary, lik 15… biggest 14.5, smallest 9
left mayb 6 follicles n smallest 8
total 21
linnin 8mm…

é reviewin doc said most likely only a few of é bigger ones can b used… n è reviewin doc said er on tues, trigger on sun. he’s got smthg on wed, good in a  way we r totally not goin 2do anythg on wed! let’s hope we hav good embryos 2trf, bfp n a healthy baby in 9m… i went 2é guan yin temple n met r, so qiao… we talked a bit n she walked from her office, tat’s far!!

this makes 10d of stimulation, sun night i hav 2go back 2 24h clinic for bt n hcg trigger… n i will only know time of er sat afternoon…

i managed to buy this toy from bugis area, a very old school one today!! it was out of stock in a lot of places…


one for é little one in tw n é other one for é little one tat juz learnt how to walk!!

today is fri, i wonder if é hr from wed intv will call.. it’s 2.30pm now, i guess mayb no calls 4today…

at 6pm no1 called, hiazz… keep goin!!


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