sat thougts…

i accidentially made 2mistakes w/my saizen 2day… hope it’s ok… shall be more careful if i get 2mix é nex dose.

i had 2 weird dreams… i seem 2forgot abt one of them now.. one of them is a bit notti, but seem so real…

n while loitterin @mil shop, i checked some career advice webbie on moving 2lower level jobs, feel quite positive aft readin, duno why i really like é company n role i heard on fri… hope i get 2go 4an interview afterall!

my watsapp fren shared a bazi webbie w/me last sun, accordingly dar dar n my bazi kids bazi element weight is above average.. hopefully i get 2deliver a healthy bb from this round if fresh ivf!

n in my mind, i suddenly thought of how 2 announce é arrival of our little one 2bil n sil in tw n on fb… i guess tat’s part of day dreamin!


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