1st mixin on my own…

i managed 2do é mixin if menopur on my own today! tml it will be saizen in addition of menopur! hope i get good results on mon… n i dun need so many days of jab this round… é saizen took a bit of painful pinch b4 i manage 2poke é needles into my stomach.

buzy job hunt whole day 2day… a head hunter called late noon n we talk about 1 good company n good opp tat i will b happy if i can take on… i nearly din send out é application, but i guess this is far from intv as always n even further away from gettin a job. i can only n shall keep trying!! let me continue 2look 4ward 2a good ft position where i will b happy 2work hard!!

keep lookin n send out any applications, for jobs that i think i will enjoy…

we r @tawadang now, luv é atmosphere, é performers here love what they r doin. i m enjoyin myself so much, basically anywr as long as he is with me… meow~~


it’s so high here, how i wish i can cum back smtim n drk 2my hearts content, preferably while preggie!!

é rest of é performance were juz as great with very good guest singers as well! i actually drove him home, woo hoo! he say i dun drive well, but not bad i guess, since i did reach hm n park!

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