é feelin of drawing q# from service 1, all over again…

i m back @kk ivf center.. waitin 4 my turn 2do é pre ivf commencem scan… i heard so many disappointm stories… hope i m able 2start a fresh cycle today… i think i saw one of é sonographer preggie, she’s young n nice… happy 4her, sad 4myself…

when i cam back 2weeks ago 4bt, i saw one of é nurse who was helpin durin et looks like she already delivered…

i hav been here since 8.57am, n aft i hot my q num#, i went 2clinic D 2check if é revised invoice hav been generated n indeed it hav been re-gen as subsidised.. made paym, bought teh-c less sugar, finished it, n am still waitin…

while playin é clash of clan, i learnt how 2win… smtimes we dun hav 2win heads on clash, dependin on each plot, there r flaws in it’s own strategy sometimes… he ask me why i m playin é game since it’s a more like a men’s fightin game… but actually i like watever he likes… as long as it’s not too dumb… heehees…


we juz need 2know é bottom line required 2win, n keep resources 2attack @é right spots to win it!

luckily i m able 2start this fresh… phew… lots of mixin n é needles dun hurt at all..


by é time i finished it was about 12pm.. i m so glad i can start a fresh cycle!!


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