this week is filled with frightenin moments again… on why i m not workin, why ivf is not workin, why i quit my job n not continue 2struggle…

i guess this period like i said b4 is a very impt period where i can look back @myself… feel better, think better… tried my best 2hav our baby n not have regrets 4not tryin while i m @a good age…

i may not be able 2get back 2a comfy familar orgñ, but i also think this is not i wan… let me try my best @this round of ivf, n find a new ft job soon!! i do think many applications i made may have made é employer sceptical y i quit w/o a job… well i guess tat makes them lousy bosses as sm1 who doesn’t look forward! if it’s meant to be, i will get 1 good opp 2do what i m good at!! i juz need 1 good opp, isn’t that always é case…

i called kk ivf 2day, i shall go back tml morn 2ask scan, n hopefully i can start my fresh cycle… u never know, i dun even dare 2buy chill bag… whatever will happen will happen, sittin there n worryin is not goin 2help anything!

n i think he is not happy today, i dun know why… mayb coz of work… let me try 2cheer him up, someway…

i was blind surfin é net n fb, i came across a few interestin quotes these few days…

I learned how to walk, and how to stop walking. What more could I want

面对问题, 问题就解决一半, 逃避問題,問題就增加一倍


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