rainy rainy mon…

i had an order last night via sms, met é buyer @mrt 2day 2pass her é item n i think i will go bedok sheng shiong 2walk walk.. will cook curry chicken when i m back…

i managed 2defrost half of é frozen wings pack… not é best way but i guess ok for now… nex tim i shall only buy 1kg pack…

may i try my best 2find a ft job n bfp this cycle!! i m very upset af din start as planned… but i guess things happen for a reason, hang on there!!

it was rainin this late morn, gloomy…

in é end é main thing i bought from sheng shiong is é pink n white powder… n i bought 4é gers too!

cookin curry is not that difficult, but nex time i will boil é potato 1st… otherwise i hav 2cook é whole curry 4very long time…


he likes it, nicee~~

more job huntin @night, keep tryin!! sometimes i hav 2rem é long route i took n why…

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