fri-all thgs jus go…

like any week, comes n goes.. no one from tat firm bother 2send rejection email, haizz…. nvm.. keep movin..

i called kk 2check y menses not here n y bt not @subz… é kk ivf customer service called back in noon n said menses should start in 10 days, n sat bt bill will b revised @subz rate… i think sm thgs r juz a phone call away 2clarify.. no point sittin @hm day n night 2think of y it din happened this way or that way…

i had an order last night from qoo10.. long time since i had an order from there.. n i walked 2sg post near é mkt 2send é parcel..

bought sm prawns 2cook brkfast n lunch… looks like é new fridge is workin fine.. except for é ocassional heat @sides n ummm sound when it is coolin itself…


i have not been here for a long long time… nothing much changed..

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