thurs passing…

here i m aft packin all stuff in2 é new fridge… borin day…

din @mum’s place 2pick up my freezer stuff n had fried noodles from din… sis was back 2 n we were talkin abt this sat din…

tml is fri, i can kill myself & keep trying!!

my menses is still not here!! urgg….


j from watsapp grp say af may cum 2weeks later coz é nor-e may trigger ovulation… old egg bah… n now i worry if such a long cycle can lead 2fresh n if it will b successful…

i removed é soft gel pink glitter nails on my own.. aft a month!! a lot of work… but worth it… i finally trim my nails.. yeah!! but upon takin a closer look, it’s not clean enough… i need 2clean a bit more @é sides……


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