tues packing…

i wok up around 8am to pack 4é charity bazzar… clippin é logos, bags labels… make myself buzy… am quite satisfied with é outcome.. quite a good colour n design combine… gonna try 2figure out how to find bags for é smaller items tml…

called hitachi @9.10am n é repair person came @3.10pm… phew~~ it is goin 2cost sgd 250 2repair w/a temp loan smaller fridge…

one net testin din go well, n é supervisor din appear 2try 2fix it… i was buzy applyin 4jobs this noon, hope i have some luck!!

aft dar dar reach hm, we kinda tried 2wait 4è neighbour auntie 2return n pick up é frozen items from her… luckily she return just before we were steppin out… we pop over 2mummy’s place drop é freezer items 2her storage n had dinner there.. mummy actually had 2brg out 2big bags of ingredients 2defrost n cooked b4 she could accomodate my stuff… i also brought a bunch of other food stuff like smoked duck breast, toufu, bai cai 2mum’s fridge…

aft much thinkin n discussion, we decided 2buy a new one as é compressor warranty is goin 2run out in 2weeks… i feel i m goin 2b very headache over é possibilty that more problems will cum up soon..

n af is not here… 3rd day aft last nor-e… i m so worried my nex cycle wun b able 2start… kk billed é bt on sat wrongly as private, i shall call or ask them soon… n i din get 2attend a zumba class i love a lot!!


so much stuff plus 2more full tray after i drop quite a bit @mummy’s place…

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