bt n medisave form signing on sat… admist a gloomy news that a mas airplane is missing… sadz.. with é modern aivatñ safety measures, something like this still happens… sadzz…

i m still sore that é intv on fri dun look promising… but look 4ward, nothing much i could hav done differently…

i still think it’s good 2live everyday happily… u nv know when’s é last tim u breath…

open net instalñ in noon… friendly sub sub con, shared a lot abt internet service, his is distributing a new company internet service… mayb we can try 2 live even more simply in é future..

din @fav roast place.. sgd 18… duck n char siew n 2 hor fan… coffee @tb bakery, nice, as always…




bil return 2spore 4biz trip, lovely pressie… i miss é little one in tw…


sun is a totally lazy day… he return from j weddin high n steam… bad…


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