nor-e d4/5

bt @kk tml, hopefully @clinic d as é nurse described 2day…

é intv is quite pleasant, they din grill on é uneccessary thgs like y i left, wat i hav been doin for é past 6mths…. but for é fact they din ask me when i can start makes me feel they din really intend to take me in… i really quite like é office, é bosses, and i feel é prospects, hope they take me.. meow~~ small organisation, good place to stay for long… n probably learn how to run é business…

é manager said they r expected 2get back by end of next week, so i guess i can kill myself by nex fri while pokin numerous needles n mixin cocktail of drugs, if i can start on ivf without any hiatus… meow~~

one of é manager feels like someone i knew from a long time ago… since 1st job… from a big firm…

at night, we visited é arkmusic café, it’s quite hidden, nice ambience, but he is almost fallin asleep…


somehow many people whom i meet 4é 1st tim feel they have seen me b4… mayb i hav a 大众脸。。。it happens @boutique, @music ark.. n many other funny places…

back hm, as i showered, done with a facial mask, i hesitiate more on if é managers interested in takin me in… they din ask too much.. hmm.. i wonder from my experience can they tell i can quite accomplish é things they need.. even if i dun get this, i mus keep tryin aft i kill myself… things happen for a reason, no benefit to keep deliberating on wat tat din happen…


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