nor-e d2/5

i delay my hikin plan for a day as i was 2tired, wok up late n back muscle achin from é fabulous yoga class…

muz try 2wak up earlier… dun be used 2sleepin till late… i cook some of é clams with mushroom for brunch, w/è very nice tw mala sauce..

now i m on my way 2chinatown 2look for 百子图, n mayb bugis later for pi xiu, 2add grains.. as per wat é fengshui programme said…

when i return, on ur laptop 2look for job, n mayb go for brisk walk b4 comin back n cook din!!

i din see a lot of 百子图 nor pi xiu that can hold grains… but i guess i can try online at taobao 4é picture… for é pi xiu i hav 2keep finding..

cookin at hm was quite a disaster… é clams had a sewage smell, urggg… but he said é stingray was ok.. i find é fish too salty… good try, it din taste too fishy, è toufu n mushrm was so so… but he still finish everythg except é clams… n i cook a packet of peanut nite n it taste good!


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