nor-e d1/5

on my way 2hot yoga class… smthg 2tak é grueling job hunt n upcomin ivf off my mind…

it’s noon, n i saw a foreign worker havin lunch at void deck on my way 2bus stop… was thinkin if i knew he is here i would hav brought a packet of drink for him.. at é bus stop i realise i din brg my hp, so i return hm 2grab my hp n a pkt of green tea for him… hope he enjoyed it!

in é morning, a head hunter called for an application i sent last night… surprisingly it was é instñ i left on short notice… i felt is was ok 2try, ask him 2go ahead anyways… let’s see, i think they hate me..

aft yoga, i realise i forgot my watch… walk back n a pretty lady pass it back 2me… had korean noodles @century sq fd junction… taste normal… took bus hm, went 2é paya zsnn temple 2pray on way back.. may é nex ivf b a success n i find a job 2start in Apr!!

din @mum’s place.. i lied tat i was still @tat tpy temp… i juz dun wan her 2worry… we pass by giant supermart on way back n i realise they do sell clams.. i bought 2pkt n shall try 2cook them on wed!

keep going! 4.5 days more of nor-e… i really hope 2be pregnant!!

j text @nite n ask if she can giv sm1 we know over business my phone num#, tat ex-biz associate may wan 2recruit me.. haizz.. how would such a good opp fall from sky neh?? mayb she juz wan 2ask me smthg from work…


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