é day aft hot yoga

my right back muscle n 2inner thigh muscles were achin, badly! interestingly, i feel a strain on my right neck muscle too… ouch!

i laze around almost è whole day, ironing clothes n watchin è hk drama… near 5pm-ish, i wore é newly brought, freshly iron demin dress from city plaza n headed 2parkway 2wait for him…

had a affagato yogurt @cbtl, taste cheapo n i can make it @hm too….


he came n din park @parkway, so i walked to 112katong to meet him, had simple din @toast box, i wanted 2eat something simple n fast… headed 2gv n we watched è movie non-stop.



he met his bff g aft é mv, guess they hav a lot 2talk… boys…

last day of feb 2014, 1 mth left 2return 2work, return 2hell, whether i bfp or not, at least i tried my best… wish me luck 2find a good job to return to!!


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