hot yoga 1/4, job hunt

bought groupon 4real yoga, attended é 1st session 2day. hot strech yoga… cute instructor, small class of 5 ladies only… é rm was not as hot as i thought, n time passed faster than i expected… although all é poses r poses that i did b4, but it was not tat borin…  é instructor do cum around 2help from time to time… strechin my very tight hamstrings 2é limit… now my back feels a bit sore… let’s see how at é end of day…

by é time i finish yoga n shower it was about 5.30pm.. he text me sayin he will be workin late… i walked 2tampines one n am drkin tropical passion latte @cbtl while lookin 4job… keep tryin n leave no regrets…

i muz thank é whatsapp group gers 4motivatin me 2exercise.. am very glad to have them around, encouraging each other!!


he got off work near 8pm when i was already on mrt hm.. we met @eunos n had very sinful muslim food for din… yumzz…


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