lazy sat….

it’s a lazy sat.. i din do anythg besides cookin congee, preparin sandwich.. diggin out last zoo outin phts n date, n tw 放天灯 photo..

he said é congee is nice, so happy!! i bought é red snapper from parkway giant with some doubts if it’s goin 2b smelly n fishy… thank goodness it’s tasted fresh n there are no bones on é 1side i kept for him…

tw air tkts r ex… is it worth 2spent sgd2k juz 2go n 放天灯???

i nap from 4 to 7pm… he juz laid back on sofa n enjoyed watchin tv…. while havin din @chinatown market, i realised we hav many stories 2tell, abt our childhood n s’pore past.. but i m so worried we may not hav children 2tell eventually.. sad…

even this mth i kinds é symptoms r right… but i m not confident i actually ovulated n there r chances of bfp naturally… i dun feel é pullin n cramp sensations like in KL… which i believe is implantation cramp…




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