1st kopi c this week

mad rush back from é intv 2ofc, reached ard 10.45!!

é intv was really good, a lot of insights 2é job, i really think i will stay long n go far there, but they may not hire me as é senior manager is not convinced i m ready 2leave wat i was doin… i granted myself a kopi c this morn as i wok up like 7am… i was @é door lik at 8am wr every1 was not there yet…

thanks 2è very clear directions é hr lady tat called me provided, i reached n got 2é office w/o sweatin…

i guess 2wks from now i can kill myself coz i know they wun b hiring me…

é happy thg is stat board agent called me 4another contract @a dif stat board, at least it shows tat i wasn’t rejected due 2é screening!!

work 2day is nerve racking, esp in late noon, i m not sure wat i have been doin so far is wat they r lookin for… we will find out in mon. for now it’s tgif, for a long time… cheers!


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