another day crawl by…

he is meetin his fren 2nite, so i b alone…

i was thinkin of goin 2taka sale 2browse b4 cumin back n chill @hm…

é agent on haircut day called in morn 2confirm é assignment, n will b goin 2sign è contract in noon, n mayb will go shoppin ard their ofc aft tat b4 taka… hopefully at least i dun need 2look 4temp in é nx 20days…

i really saw n signed a contract, haha.. smthg 2do 4é nex few weeks i hope… it’s at location wr i hav a direct bus, but it’s a bit winding… é agent was so cute, fresh young innocent lookin one… all é recruiters in é agency look very well dressed… i really hope this is smthg i can do well, n last for at least 1mth, better still if till after my 2nd fresh ivf n i find a more relevant perm 2start aft é fresh.. i bought a kopi c from my old tim fav stall, 2nd kopi 4è week… try 2cut down even more in future…
kk called dar this morn… so funny.. he got no clue, he called me n ask me abt it. i was cleanin é windows so i called back when done, kinda ask more abt é usual practice, é dif in med, so most likely i will do it again in mar… puregon only contain fsh while menopur contains fsh n lh, stronger n cost more. saizen is to be administered daily, so nex fresh i will hav 3 injectables @sm point in time.


i m really ok with é needles n everythg.. but i m worried i might b very depressed if we fail again..

taka shoppin – i could not help but bought 3 bottles of chloé perfume, their rose family complete! scumb 2é free gift – a 50ml l’eau de chloé n a luggage… nothin else much 2shop…


i was shoppin ard, for dresses n clothes.. but when i look @my wardrobe, i think i hav more than 30 dresses 2wear a dif one every day of é mth… includin é ones packed folded in bags… try not 2buy, if not throw sm old ones 1st…


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