rainy thurs…

nany weird calls on thurs, includin é rejectñ of wed intv… keep trying… i juz need 2b focus..

more calls later in noon, includin é rejection of tues intv, é agent ask me abt 1 prospect, which is quite intg, anyway it’s a long way 2gettin it…

ft job ft job ft job!!

i m back at this place aft prayin, i din eat anythg 2day, a glass of ginger red dates n holick.. n a cup of hot choc now… é mood 2day is moody…

thgs can get depressin, but keep goin… there r many reasons y i choose 2walk out…

hang on there!!


on way hm, i walk hm via park connector from 1mrt stop b4 hm… n agent on haircut day called again… he sent a prospect my cv, n é co. will call me in 5 – 15 mins.. in é end é call cam lik 1hr later when i was bathing. i return é call n it looks lik i can start on mon. but no1 @é agent pick up é call so i guess till tml i dun need 2pin on anythg… these thgs r messy… this walk is nice, well designed, bicycle friendly… but sm sections not too safe 4night i feel..


it’s not a very glamourous job, but smthg 2explore a weak side of me… juz try, it will run till mid feb at least… if i really get it…


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