gloomy 1st mon of è year…

2 days to seeing dr tan!! i muz start summarising my questions, n tak pics of supp. i m still very sad over é lost pregnancy, but at least now i truly believe it does happens!! nex round we may not be so lucky, 2hav good embryo 2et n implant, but at least i will give one good try!!

walked 2post ofc 2send a reg mail 4sat’s order n m waitin 4train 2meet ex-clgs now.. i guess they hav a lot 2tell with their kids, branded bag gift n super star concert!

another agent called juz now, it’s for a contract till mar, job scope sounds good, i can only wait n hope.. é stat board contract job send ackg on receivin my application… so 2m from now, if there r no news then i can chew myself… my best plans sits in my brain, but again not everythg goes è way u like… so keep ur mind open n continue hunting!

è lunch trigger a headache, it din go away w/a nap, n it got so bad tat even aft 2panadols it was still very painful. i had din n pöp é stronger pain killer, it

finally got better… i got dar dar 2ta bao din as my head hurts 2much 4me 2stand up n function, not 2mention cook dinner…

é agent from haircut day called again for another contract role feb till june, i ask him 2try…

a new agent called 4another contract role @their own place. i think it sounds really good, will meet them tml, hope to get it n start on thurs!! i was nappin from é headache when this agent called, called back 2x b4 i got 2talk him…

keep goin! nothin nice 2apply 2day, check again tml bah… hope é headache dun cum back ever again…

we r very in2 é app base online game.. fun!!


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