1st fri of 2014

certainly thgs din go as i wished, i din get a ft job, nor did i get pregnant aft ivf…

i went 2another agency 2day 2sign up for temp prospects, hope i get smthg soon… i juz wan 2find smthg 2do ft tim now, preferably not goin back… my very long tim frien text juz now askin if i m seriously not thinkin of goin back… i told her not now.. hope i get é temp stat board job like right now, be on it for 5-6m, n get preggie by apr/may, hopefully i get converted 2perm by then or get another good perm job offer!

i still hav é panick moments now n then, worryin not being able 2find a job anymore… but i always need 2calm myself down, breath…

è right things n right person will happen n appear @é right time. things happen for a reason. i m not a naive 18y old ger trying 2believe in fairy tale. i m trying 2help myself by not forcing me 2do thgs tat will kill me.

keep trying!!

i tried 4another stat board job tat i think i can sink in, it’s on contract basis. recruitm takes place regularly… i really hope 2get that one too! let me pray 4a chance to attend an intv!!

i m sittin at é regular cafe i have been durin my ivf too. é tone 2day is moody…

in é end i waited till he finished work, pick me @bugis, we shopped @chinatown a bit b4 headin 2dempsey 4é groupon redemptn din.. surprisingly it’s was good serving, fresh meat n seafood. mushroom n veg was a bit limited, but overall a very good experience. total vost is sgd 35, groupin sgd 25+beer sgd 5 n 7-up sgd 4, with service charge n gst…

tawanda after that, very intg show performance, he likes it. mayb we will go back again…
another fri slips by.. let me continue 2job hunt!


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