back 2kk for bt (last for this round of fresh?)

i called again this morn 2confirm if i should juz stop é duphastin since af full flow started… è nurse said no need 2do another bt 2confirm no etopic pregnacy, n it can be done @24h o&g only…

i arrived @é 24h clinic n é clinic nurse called kk ivf, in é end i did é bt @kk ivf n no need 2see doc. great as well so that dun need 2travel to n fro. this nurse is such a veterant, she can draw é blood juz lik this n not much pain.. i think it’s very slack there as most nurses r chit chattin with patients or each other… i think this nurse is é same one as é one tat called me last mon…

now i m headin to dohby gaut 4haircut.. to use é deal i bought over wkend… hungry n grab this on é way, been many yrs since i last had this.


é nurse will call n i shall keep é duphaston away n close this chapter.

agent 1 called this morn for two temp prospects, agent 2 called shortly after 2check out my current status. agent 2 called again while.i was registerin @24h o&g, had 1 prospect, i felt it was ok 2try n hope i get a f/t stint soon…

i wan a f/t job, perm or temp 3-5m, i wan a f/t job 2start asap, i hope 2get é stat board related job!

i can indeed pack my duphaston as é nurse certify hcg drop 2below 10 (via voice mail). meow~~~~

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