more bummin on sun as usual, blah…

same thgs happen as every wkend.. i wak up 1st, watch endless tv, he wakes, roll on sofa…

but from sat (yesterday)onwards, i decided to start cherishin life more, if there is smthg i wan 2do, i will start work on it rightaway… i have been wantin 2watch è movie wat 2expect when u r expecting, he got it for me è same time as i mention 2him casually, but i took 4ever 2pick up n watch it. so this sun morn, i juz turn on, pay full attentñ coz it’s totally worth it.

continue with sm hk drama n start a bit on malay learning.

he left for a ex-clg weddin din ard 7.. i went tm juz b4 8pm 2shop 4an eye cream, groceries n dinner. è eye cream is really nice. should talk about it in a separate entry.

my af started, real red n clots. it soak 1/2 of a day pad in é mrt journey 2tm… i dread 2call kkivf again 2check if i should stop duphaston. as i was commutin via train, i surf 4more misc thgs 2read. cam across a very meaningful blog n m still readin it right now. é very strong lady, she was doin ivf in yr 2011, b4 all é new co-pay incentive in yr 2013, i shall try 2finish readin 2night. smthg strike me, this is wat i truly believe. this quest 4bb made our marriage stronger, it will continue to. i din wan a bb so tat i can 4get abt dar dar n circle my live around bb. i wan a bb 2brg more joy n laughter 2our lives, our folks, 2raise bb 2gether, 2discuss wat 2do when junior is not well or not behaving…

let’s look forward to nx visit w/dr tan…

one day when everythg is over, i will share on forum on y one should not give up lik me, 2avoid guilt n regrets in moment of weakness. u nv know wat will happen. i know my watsapp group frens r strong n they wun give up till aft bt…

What had kept me going was the belief that things happen for a reason, and that everything had its time and place. I don’t know why they have to go through these trials and tribulations but I believe that they will get their happily ever after.

I just know it.

let me focus on é thgs i wan 2do now n start in the nex few days, a new f/t job, hopefully @é stat board related one, temp or perm, it will happen, it happen, it will happen, it will happen!

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