on xmas day, very sad news…

é hcg dropped… so game over…

i will call kk ivf again tml morn 2confirm even with é bleedin stoppin, is è hcg drop still é ultimate finale n is é nx aptm w/dr tan hh. n also 2reply 2è sales job i m not for it.

in summary, i feel this mayb a weak pregnancy at è start, which explains é brown red discharge n bleedin from 11dp2dt onwards, even when é utrogestone r administered timely. n me stoppin é inserts on fri nite n not goin 4early bt 2get additional support, walkin all over on sat made it worst n did not help to save this weak pregnancy… b4 nex cycle, i will do watever i can to improve embryo survival rate, n hopefully we hav better embryo results. 这个孩子 (们)可能只是借我们过路, 我们的子孙缘会再下一次实现。

i will still tell dar dar when he wakes up how i feel, hope he understands n walk hand in hand with me 2nex cycle… n also hope we can bfp naturally even b4 é nex fresh…

i m still very sad over é loss, but i promise i will do better nex time…

lookin back, è lightening of é hpt double line, è slower response of è hpt indeed show smthg… é nurse who did é registration for me is really nice.. not only did she help me sort out é hcg test, she also help 2arrange 4me 2review é results w/é duty doc n at subz rate even when it’s on xmas day. n é o&g nurse not callin back in 2hrs time also tells wat happening… juz as wat my hunch feelin told me…

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