more kiv continues…

i wok up @9am, checked é bleedin cautiously, it’s was not a lot n i did hpt again…


throwback last nite, when dar dar came back, he told me all about é yam paste n new steamboat place.. é intg thg is he dun lik steamboat, but he knows i m lookin 4ala carte steamboat 2go (draggin) w/him..

as he was changin, he ask abt é bt, told i told him all about é bt, how i went back 2kk n è blur doc explain é results of é embryos, then i ask so i m not pregnant lar by é readin, is it?? then tat very cute doc said huh n check é bt rpt… aft he saw è rpt he said oh, so u are pregnant.. he ask me abt how è bleedin started etc… so in é end i got a progestrone jab, duphaston 2tak orally.. he said that’s é max support kk can giv for now… rest more n cum back 4scan 2wks later…

è nurse who did é progestrone jab 4me told me it will hurt more over nex few days… she did on alternate thigh for herself.. she look very pregnant n she did é prog injectñ btwn 2thigh aft her aminion fluid test.. she’s 42ys n 2nd baby… i m so happy for her!

i m still goin 4é bt on xmas, n hopefully hcg grew n more than doubled… n i will call back n ask if kk can giv me 1more jab… i really bled a lot esp mon…

多痛我都不怕, 只希望成功生健康的宝宝(s)。。。


throughout tues i bled more… fresh red, sticky n liquid… n tightenin cramps, pinchin pain at center n sides at intervals throughout è day… it kinda ease aft din, at night juz b4 we turn in, almost not much red-ish discharge..

we din do anythg much on xmas eve, i told him i canot go to places that require a lot of standin or walkin coz of my cramps… so we went 4steamboat, aft tryin at 2locations, both closed, we drove 2bugis n pick one of é steamboat eateries n dug in! it’s totally yummy but very err too… it cost sgd 44, we thought it’s quite a good price…
out of curiosty, we took é new dtl to bayfront, mbs mall, walk a bit, sat down 2finish a bottle drink n 2rest a bit aft my insert…

drivin hm, he ask why there is bleedin… i explained a bit, n one of é reasons could be coz it’s twins.. he was quite worried if it’s indeed twins, i kinda feel he rather lose anythg but me..

**so sweet**

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