cd 1, cycle#17, as i said, keep get going!!

i brought è usual ttc helpers out again, sadly, but as required. keep movin, i may pay é amk tcm a visit, mayb she will say smthg wrong with my body n i dun even need 2go ivf any more!! but i think i may not do acunpucture… juz med…


brunch w/bffs.. é little one is so cute… how i wish we have 1 too.. can only dream n wish…

while we were @west gate shoppin, sittin down at é amphitheatre with live signing, i m really very comfort i hav him with me, he is very at ease.. he doesn’t pressure me y é ivf results r so poor or why i canot conceive naturally while every1 else can.. he juz say if we really hav no kids then so be it. i kinda feel if i tried all i can, i hav nothing else 2regret…

send out 2boxes of é choc, 1 more for sis.


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