KL wkend getaway…

cash expenses – myr 880
air tickets – sgd 150
hotel room – sgd 190
total – sgd 700

it’s almost all paid by dar dar… opps..

the day we arrived was quite ok, but i got really sleepy by noon.. è walk 2é monorail stn was far.. coz we missed é 1st stn. é monorail looks like a baby caterpilar. drop é luggage at hotel n walk 2é isetan food street nex door, had a very ex penang char quay tiao.. walk further n came across a strech of coffee shop. ordered prawn mee n wantan mee, hot n ice kopi.. totally delicious n not ex.



walk around é bukit bintang area, end up @times sq n got a pair of slippers 2replace his torn sandles. i was really sleepy @times sq already. so when we check in2 è hotel, i rest for a while, bath, wash hair, did é med insert n set off 2pavilion mall in a very heavy rain… great place, very high end, with one of é only 2 kl padini concept shop. shop @brands outlet juz nex 2our hotel, he bought 2polo tees, great buys!


back 2hotel 2offload our buys, napped for a while n off 2jalan alor 4din!! supper happening, crowded, many thgs goin all… we settled for a restaurant recommended by someone in tripadvisor.. é food was not bad, not cheap though.. i was already cravin 4cockles b4 i set off, n i m so glad i manage 2eat it in jalan alor, n smore it’s de-shelled! overall very happy trip there, lots 2see n eat!

we made our way back 2hotel, finish é lavendar macroons, mini pan cake n crash in2 bed!

on sat morn, we set off 2sunway pyramid shoppin mall, é taxi fare is myr50, é driver is a chinese… very pretty mall.. i gave é 2little ones a promise, hope they survive well n arrive safely healthily.. mummy will psyco daddy 2fufill é promise asap… i shopped @é long awaited jelly bunny, bought 1 pair of shoes n 2pouch. there is a promo, 25% off for purchase of 3items n above. dar dar also had a great time shoppin @brands outlet, 2more polo tee!

msia kenny rogers muffin comes in flavours!

nex is bookin a taxi @é taxi counter 2mid valley mega mall! i luv how organise this place is!! we spotted a display indicatin expected shuttle bus timin 2é lrt station, took a photo, check é map, realised it actually leads a lrt stn near jalan petaling.

this older mall is juz as great, consistent theme xmas deco, many shops n good air con. but é ladies r crowded, q, squad pan only n dirty… we ventured 2a new high end extension, very clean n not crowded toilets… b4 we left, there was this musical performance in celebration of xmas n real paper snow.

jus as we found è way 2é right exit 4é shuttle bus, we saw a line of people boardin è shuttle bus, kinda rush 2wards it n hop on aft confirmin w/é driver tat it goes 2é lrt stn. the bus stopped @a few places b4 hittin è lrt stn. we really ended up takin lrt n walkin 2chinatown!

walked a bit, had food again at a roadside stall, bbq fish n chicken claypot  rice. there is literally nothin 2shop here… we head back 2hotel, w/original plan of headin out 4drks @bukit bintang.. i kinda dozed off n he juz sat around waitin.. in é end decided not to go, as it was late…

we took turn 2bath, watch tv n crash into bed again…

nex morn is juz walkin 2cfe shop 4brkfast again, yumzz… swing by lot 10, saw a set up 4xmas cookie house deco set-up, lovely ladies @work…

back 2brands outlet, 2more shirt, n rush back 2hotel coz i had a stomach ache!! kinda happy coz i had constipation for like 3days..

check out from hotel, went back 2lot 10, walk up 2é monorail stn, cross é man-made metal bridge, took é monorail 2kl sentral… finally know where is é kl sentral monorail stn…

luv this getaway, can’t wait 2cum back soon…

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