cd 23, cycle 16, bummin around sun

i wok up @10am today… 2my surprise i saw sms tat flight from medan is cancelled… omg! if i m there sure b panickin big tim coz i wun hav enough inserts…

was plannin 2meet sis @orc, but then she subq said she will go at night w/her folks. so i continue eatin my noodles as i was really hungry n i wanted 2clear è food in è fridge too… i packed è 2 bottles of syringe away, é end of jabbin for a while since even if this round fail nex fresh is very far away… at least 4mths as i believe we should at least keep each fresh cycle 3 menses away. i read more on è embryo cells growth, blastocyst, implant etc… i guess grade 4 embryos also fail in ivf.. so look 4ward to 23dec bah, or if menses start b4 tat… although i know chances r 30% only, but if we hav a successful pregnancy n healthy baby, there r a lot of activities we can do / plan with this baby n brg more joy 2é folks, both sides…


grapevine from é drive 2folks hm last nite:
while on è way hm, fil was grumblin abt nx week when we r not around they will hav a hard time goin 2é 小蕃薯 1st bdae, n say dar dar nt around he very jialat..

also complain how late they were last fri 4é philip morris party coz mil wanted 2open è shop till later… but mil retorted sayin it’s coz fil cam down 2shop late… one more thing, i felt è timin they went 2è party is quite good, juz nice a bit of reception b4 din starts…

dar dar was very pissed i guessed.. he said dun know y we canot dun go.. children bdae y muz celebrate with such a big fuss mak so many people buzy.. y é folks canot tak taxi on their own… he dun understand their thinkin.. haha.. i m so happy, quietly!! he really listens 2wat i say… mil also said dun she 不值 tat his bro originally ask them to close shop tat whole sat 4his precious one bdae… basically if u wan 2arrange smthg 4ur precious son, dun imolocate other people, we r not ur tools. happy 2help once twice dun mean we r there 4u to command, i m so tired of these sit down gatherin with his drama family.. esp tat ah yi… btw y r we inviting his ah yi whole family n not our gugu n ah sim neh? pui!

also last night i ask him what he will say when he giv è angpao 2tat little one for his bdae, he say 快高张大 to 大蕃薯!! so funny!!

it was very rainy today… we were @hm most of è time, till 6pm-ish, we drove out 2get é parts 4his folks hm wc. had a quick din @é nearby cfeshop, ordered western food. now back é folks place 2repair é wc..

i guess it’s part of marriage n being together, that smtimes i feel very blessed, smtimes very 委屈, smtimes pissed off n have sm very tired moments too… like on this rainy day, we juz snuggle @hm, lik 2lazy piggies… totally bliss!


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