cd 22, cycle 16, sat, all jitteries waitin 4 er+2d review

i reminded him 2times that if there is really no embryo / embryos to trf, pls pull me out of doc ofc in case i breakdown n refuse 2cum out…

hope è mc can indicate unfit 4travel n i can refund é tigerair medan air tkts too…

i wok up from a nightmare ard 6am, keep hearin a nurse tellin me 3 or 30%…

reached kk @8.30am, bt, paperwork, was supposed 2return 1hr later 2do et when bt is out… we top up è parkin coupon, spent smtim lookin @è kk park pond, tortises, talk about how many embryo 2trf. we both think should trf max, i told dar dar i m not scared of twins, more worried about not be able to be preggie.

went back 2kk ivf clinic, waited n waited… drk n drk… finally our turn, n phew, i get 2change 2é red skirt robe! woohoo!! i ask è nurse if there is anythg 2trf, she said yes lar, if nothg 2trf no need 2change liao… dr thh came in, told me out of 18 eggs 12 can b used, 2good condition (grade4 5cell), 1kiv, è rest perish. he said pcos very common to have many eggs tat r small n cannot be used. nx cycle wun b much difference coz if start at 250iu, will hav many eggs but i will probably b in hospital by et…

so he will trf è 2looking good ones, btw doc thh din even ask me how many i wan 2trf.. happened our decision is also to trf two (é limit)… prep as é chair/bed transform, raised, gel on stomach n è same nurse scan. there is a small tv hangin on my left, as expected we check è name n nric on è dish with é 2embryos, to my surprise it’s actually a marker written one…

anyway trf done, rest time n signing of one more form b4 we took off. hubz says dr thh looks young, but he is head of reprod med… can’t b too young bah…

é embroygist came n told us è gradin, n all fertilisation via icsi, so future ivf will b icsi also… since all eggs r fertilise via icsi i shall not need 2waste money on iui then. the 2embryos trf looks good 2them…. i show my watsapp ttc kakis, coz i dun understand anyways…

washroom, cheque writing (i brought my cheque book along, pen, but dun dare 2write b4 talkin 2thh!!) then 2 è pharmacy 4é 2week insert pills, n off 2bugis 4lunch! on é way back, we saw è tortises climbin up 2è grass sunnin themselves! they r really mobile! was really hungry!! we had ramen @é 4seasons ramen place along rochor road.


sm1 told me b4 tat prayin 2god may not be enough. god may wish that one have done smthg 2 help himself so that god can help him

we already tried 2help ourselves, hope zsnn n all é dieties send a healthy bb 2b 注生 reg under us. we will take good care of è bb, n will brg bb up well, brg more joy n laughter to our families! bo pi bo pi…

wat worry me is è bt is on a mon n é sat b4 tat besties n é 6 +1bb L of us r meetin 4xmas, oct cum dec bbs celebration…

juz like durin iui, we met on tat sat b4 bt for bestie j n q weddin, around tat time i started spottin, n é bt on tat mon was neg…

new timeline
18nov-2dec – stimulating med
3 dec – hcg trigger @11.30pm
5 dec – er
7 dec – et (2 grade 4, 5 cell embryos)
7-8 dec – medan (cancelled)
11 dec – dental aptm
13-15 dec – KL
16 dec – start work (dun think so)
23 dec – blood test
early sep 2014 – edd healthy bb (many variables… cross finger)

we had din @18 chefs @tiong, n bought gong cha, 2cups, yumzz…


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