cd 20, cycle 16, er drama mama

i m startin this on thurs night, will take a while 2finish, coz i feel sleepy, not sure y…

updated timeline

18nov-2dec – stimulating med
5 dec – er
8 dec – et (dependin in num# embryo)
7-8 dec – medan (cancelled)
11 dec – dental aptm
13-15 dec – KL
16 dec – start work (dun think so)
23 dec – blood test (dependin if there is et at all)
early sep 2014 – edd healthy bb (many variables… cross finger)

it started with checkin in @kk ivf, 10.15am, for once we r not late… changed in2 white n pink robe n sat at the bench chair 2wait 4prep… é drip needle adminstrator was quite ok, mayb due to a very experience nurse mdm lee… while doin this procedure, i saw a lady being wheeled out. she look steam, neck red, pale. signed é paper 4a research on new drug, if i have more than 20eggs retrieve, i can try a new drug. prevent ohss.

my turn, i walk in, took out pink robe, sat on é ot bed edge, lied down, strap heart monitor with patches on chest n on finger… dr thh came n say hi, i said hi too. a oxygen mask n smthg 2monitor breathin. è anethesia said she administered é med, my left hand felt numb, but i can still feel everythg, n i was not drowsy at all. i told her i feel pain n she said it’s goin 2b over soon… é pain was bearable, but i was 2shock… i even ask é nurse if i can hold her hand coz i was 2scared…

it ended, i was wheel out. i covered my face with è pink robe, i din wan any1 2see me in such a sorry state…

i could not drink yet, n had 2wait 4é drip (electrolytes) 2finish 1st b4 a cup of milo was given 2me… done, sat up, walk to pee n change. i was told doc retrieve 18eggs, hopefully there b @least 2good embryos 2trf n a healthy bb, smooth pregnancy…

discharge aft sm paper signin n briefin by nurse.. he return 2kk n pick me up… é cramps n tissue pain becam more obvious on é trip hm. my tears drip non-stop unctrl’bly… he ta bao porridge, chicken rice, n kopi for é 2of us… i was really sleepy aft lunch, so took é antibiotic n went into è rm, curl up n slept… é pain is é combination of a very bad cramp n tissue tear inside é body… felt better when i wok up, we went 4teochew porridge, grocery stockin up @nex.

headed hm 2digust tat drama sil bitchin abt how 2incorp reunion din with her own family… y muz we incorp her family? can’t they do one on their own? crazy women…


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