cd 19, cycle 16, putting things in2 places

i kinda decided i should try 2tidy up my stock n throw è unwanted mattress away… so i move around é platform, took è 2 mattress out, clean up è molds n dust.. start 2fit é stripes cupcake stands, surprise surprise, é cupcake stands fit well n i could even keep è rest of black n green shelves in è same compartment…

nex is é polka dot from é big wardrobe… almost done, n i open up é other boxes 2see wats inside to my horror or surprise, i saw a stack of polka dot red! i 4got i ordered this design too!! i quickly took pic n posted them 2fb n qoo10… i really admire my blur-ness…

tat’s y smtimes i believe thgs happen 4a reason, when they r meant 2happen…

é shelves look neater n more securedly pack now… previously it kinda feel lik fallin out whenever i mov it by a bit, wat a hazard. shall tak sm pics of my cupcake stands in é platform later…

one of é reason y i can move thgs around more is due to è sales so far… hope it keep comin n i can clear more of these soon! lookin @é best sellers, i sold abt 1/3… this doesn’t make $, only brg me sm joy!!




nothin much on ivf or ttc today, but i m now on my way 2zsnn @tpy w/è face powder bought last week from sheng siong.. am praying for a successful pregnancy n find a job quickly…


there is only so much medicine one can take, if è almighty dieties know we tried our best, may they bless us with a stroke of luck…

one more thing, in case i dun wak up tml aft sedation, to my dar dar, u r é love of my life n will always b. i clear most of é perishables in è fridge, so u will not hav a hard time to mov on.

shoppin @taka 2catch é last member sale! grab xmas pressie 4bestie, luckily she’s able to pick up é phn n gav me other designs she like.. cannot believe é q @taka pandora counter at 4pm on a wed noon.

grab 1 more item 4possible xmas pressie exchange, buy n standy 1st…

i muz hav a very full din today, no food from 12am till i wak up tml. he is workin late, so i guess we will eat late too…

bedok mall is huge. one can get loss.

din @haig rd n he met me there, very yummy bee hoon goreng… poor thg, rushin 4work lik shit…


here’s my packed tidied cupcake shelves!


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