cd 18, cycle 16, back 2kk, grhhhhh….

now i m waitin @kk ivf again, looks like fewer patients today n i m earlier but i m still é last patient!!

linnin: 10mm
right: 18, 17.5, 16, 13.5, 13, 12.5, 9, 9, 8
left: 18.5, 16, 16, 16.5, 14, 13.5, 12, 9.5, 8, 8

é reviewin dr said trigger tonite n er on thurs… please let this turn out 2b a successful pregnancy with a healthy baby!!

we drop off é 2package i need 2ship b4 din @mum place, yummy noodles… 1st giraffe bundle shipped! sö happy!!

i went back to 24 hr clinic at 11pm.. saw sm very unwell ple.. waited till 11.30pm to get my jab. it doesn’t hurt a lot…

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