cd 17, cycle 16, rainy mon…

tried 2b earlier today.. was at kk ard 10.15, n by è tim my turn came 4scannin it was 11.40am plus… i din really take note of é readings.. but i rem linnin is above 8mm… i ask é reviewin dr if i hav a chance of havin an embryo trf, she said é chances look good… she also said i juz need 2b stimulated for longer.. n if this cycle is too long they may do et aft this cycle.. tml doc may decide if et, could b on thurs or fri…

i need 2ask doc if my ewcm, tender bbs n continous passin of gas is alright…

linnin : 8+
right: 16, 16…
left: 16, 13…

brkfast while queuing 4scan…

1 more day of 250 iu n garelinx… back 4follow up on tues.. i muz try 2b really early tml… 3of my whatsapp kakis r doin fet this week, one mon, one tues n one to be confirm… so happy 4them n hope they ++bfp++ 2 of them are have pcos, hope tbey bfp 2help improve stats of pcos tat get preggie… n é other kaki whom i think does not hav any known problems also hav her wish cum true!!

on bus 80 hm, juz realise i tbis memorable spot so frequently…

i m goin back 2complete é onlin thg.. hope i can pass n start soon… job hunting is not gettin much feedback, so let’s try applyin more!!

é customer that whatsapp me on sun replied and query about ordering 12 giraffe white tray, in é end she ordered 15, at a discount price which really at è end of my lowest possible price… in é end she order 15, and i was happily packin this big order for her to pick up tml, hope she dun play me out… she’s a very nice lady, i tried 2add in whatever i could on top of a very good discount… so i packed 18 santa gift tags n 15 set of tray liners for her!

done with é bulk order packing and realised it was 5pm. i was about 2pack é cupcake stand 4sending n checked é orders page again! realised another nautical theme cupcake stand order came in! so i happily pack and mr got off work, sent me to paya singpost, wait 4me while i queue. luckily there is no big big bulk sending of reg mail lik in sun, and we had din @astons in singpost kopitiam foodcourt, satisfyin my cravin 4steak!

back hm n continue preparing 4é big order. ask him about how 2pack.. he is clueless lik a sotong!!

happy but sinful meals over this weekend, time 2watch our diet!


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