cd11, street funk again…

actually i m contented 2b able 2jab… coz if thurs result still not good, i may not be able 2jab anymore… sobz.. i found a way 2poke garlinex, kinda aim n loke then 2aim from far n poke! sm more bruises, boohoohoo…

went 2street funk class again 2day, still very little people, lik i was è 1st one… n è 2aunties from last week joined later. a very light class with me doin é moves lik dumbo… i went 2é treadmill n walk, took 33 mins 2burn 250 calaroies. burnin painful… eatin is easy (“,)

cam back cook brunch with clams n chicken, tang hoon n enoki mushroom… fill up é pot, can’t even stir properly… but it’s yummy! was too hungry n it look so messy, din even tak pic.

poor him work till 7pm plus, din @mum’s place.. brought quite sm tau sa piah n beh de soh hm. on way back i wanted 2go sheng siong, we stop by é durian shop n bought a box of cherries, n 2 box of durians!

400g cherries sgd8
2 box of durian sgd10


yumzz.. é durian is not é best but not quite good 4 this price.

tml he is not ard 4din, i book é evening zumba class, 5.30pm to 6.30pm. mayb will go shoppin a bit aft class…


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