cd 10, return for 1st follow up!!

it’s 10.40am n i m lazily makin my way 2kk… since even when i go @10am, è q is lik 1 hr, n é waitin strech till é nurses lunch time,  i might as well b é last one…

was tellin my watsapp fren i gav up on horoscope n gender wishin.. as kong we hav our cutie pie in our arms asap we r contented…

nx mrt stop is bugis, i wonder hows è results.. kan cheong… read more.blogs last nite, some from a long tim ago… hope our luck is good this time..

this morn, é garlinex shot was bad, i prick myself n it was bleedin even as i push è syringe 2inject é cocktail…

é visit 2day is short but bitter, done in 1hr, includin med collectñ @pharmacy. linnin lik 4.7, right follicles about 5-6 siz 4-6mm, left one 10mm, é rest like 5-6mm too… dosage up to 200iu, n garlinex continues… let me think of a easier way 2jab…

made tiramisu to finish é tub of mascraprone cheese. yeah, did it but é tirmisu dun taste that great… tml is another day of jabbin.. ouch.. till thurs we wun know wat happens..


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