cd 6, cycle 16, double jabbin begins

é garnelix shot is much more painful than è usual puregon, but i survived anyway… 4 more 2go, or till nx visit. i think é scary part is é pokin in2 skin…

prepared é ingredients 4tonight cookin, kinda also clearin out é fridge 2avoid massive throwin soon.


prep 2step out 2zsnn, i was actually trfin buses instead of takin cab, it’s not tat difficult aft all. but there was quite a bit of walkin.. i tried 2slot my bus card in2 jelly case 4my note3, it works as well. i think smtimes there r very easy solutions 2seemingly complex problems.


went facial aft zsnn n bought a set of scar lightening products 2lighten my troubled breakout skin… they r havin this promo w/2 pdt free… it’s a quiet day @é salon. the below cost sgd279, 1 more free mug 2b collected…


din prep was quite easy, mayb coz i already cut up é ingredients n prep other required in é morng… egg toufu steamin is good, with dried shitake mushroom, simple yet tasty… oh yah, i finished é taiwanese rice left over from cny… time flies.. it’s a yr, xmas deco r on è wall…


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