cd 5 cycle 16, 3rd day of puregon jabbin

i got more tired aft gym on tues, sleepin on é sofa for like 1 hr late noon while laundryin is goin on in kitchen.

wed was a nightmare. i could hardly get out of bed even at 10am. i was 30mins late from my planned jab time. i staggered out of bedrm, was hardly able 2stand up straight n rest on sofa 4another 10 mins… mayb begining of a nightmare.

finally made my way 2é fridge n jab another dose of 150iu puregon. é rest of é day was still feelin tired, lethagic n restless. tml onwards i will hav 1 more injection for 5days (thur-mon). hope i dun feel worse aft this additional drug.


but i did not let myself roll on sofa or bed longer. made lunch, noodles, cai xin n frozen seafood.. aft lunch i vaccum é house, mop n clean up our home a bit. it’s been a while n thgs r gettin dusty…

bath, used é long bought body scrub, fancl powder scrub sample… as part of my effort 2clear these long time purchase…
tidied è working desk n moved my laptop in2 é platform rm, fixed é fallin out stuff in é rm. it’s been too long, no more slacking. all thgs in place, on pc, printed é KL trip air tickets, checked details again, clipped on our little white board. together w/my medan trip, they are all in one stack. am applying 4jobs, hopefully will get smthg i will enjoy doing! smtimes i think back do i regret leavin my seemingly pretigous position in é bank n laze @hm 无所事是 all day… actually i really dun, i would hav gone crazy if i stayed on. now i look 4ward 2a new role, either something i like or something less with responsibility.

this is my wish n plan, god bless, please let it come true. but as always life throws us all over è place, so nx yr this tim, xmas, let’s see how n wat we will be!

18-29 nov – stimulating med
2 dec – er
4 dec – et
7-8 dec – medan
11 dec – dental aptm
13-15 dec – KL
16 dec – start work (watever work)
21 dec – blood test, bfp (hopefully)
early sep 2014 – edd healthy bb (hopefully hopefully please!!)

like i always say my wishes to zsnn, please bless us with a healthy baby, we will 还願 with red eggs, share è blessings with more 信徒 n 添香油.

i really tried my best, keep my weight not over 60kg, exercise as n when i can. rest, drk vit c, cherries.

please let this nov 2013 cycle b a success with a good pregnacy n healthy baby, i m not afraid of é loneiness @hm alone, giddy/headache, pain of injection or any discomfort to come with er, but i m very frighten of failure.. afraid 4af to start.. sobzz… i imagine while waitin 2go 4er, if i meet sm1 @é operatin theatre while queuing, i will smile n tell é person how scared i m of failure…


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