é return 2kkivf! cd3 18nov

i rem é route of é bus tat i took, n 4got 2alight @é stop opp kk, in è end i walk a bus stop distance back 2kk.

got é q# @10.56am, n am still waitin aft an hour… there was 20 people b4 me! let’s see how’s é scan n doc revirw.



managed 2see é sonographer, scan looks ok 2start protocol. so 150iu of puregon, till nex mon, plus 1 dose of 0.25mg orgalutan for 5days from thurs onwards. he needs to tak antobiotic too, i din know tat b4 hand… opps…

took è injection n head hm. tried é bencoleen street fish soup finally. not bad, but raffles place one is much more addictive. bought kaya balls as snacks n much them as i took bus hm. by é tim i reach hm n kept all med in fridge, it was 4pm. i had 2tak a nap n finally made myself wak up @6pm, 2prep n step out to meet kakis 4din…

hx is delivering 2nd princess in mid dec, so happy 4her!! very good gathering, nice catchin up.. glad yy is w/sm1 tat loves her n hx dotin hubz waited 4her @é mall 4a while… i told hx abt me not wkin as i m doin ivf… she ask a bit more here n there 2know more… i told her é general process n how tired i m aft è 1st jab already.


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