sun flew by juz lik tat…

i really din do anythg much except send 1 job application… nap in noon, nex din n challenger shoppin @nite.

my menses is really little, let me ask é kk ivf doc tml. it’s mon, i wonder wat happens aft é doc visit.

din is simple, nt tat fantastic too. koi mac’to. grocery shoooin @ntuc help me pick 2beautiful pomegranate, let’s see how it goes n i shall pay a visit 2zsnn 4our prayers soon!


this week is a week of many separations. we hav dif din aptm mon, wed n fri. tues is din @mummy place. mayb thurs is din @hm. stock up é fridge a bit, let’s see.

i m tidying a lot of past gifts / purchases @hm, many more thgs 2clear. 2tubs of body scrub, maskss tubes n sheet type, small sample creams lotions…
in é fridge: mascrpone cheese, many sweets n choc, sauces…

use watever u buy, dun buy n keep…


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